In 2015, the official The Joy of Styling, LLC was born. Created by a stylish individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and a heart for serving others, the image consulting business grew to meet the styling needs of the community. CEO, Joy Copeland has one goal: to ensure that those she works with look great and feel even greater. She incorporates three words into every personal styling session, personal shopping trip and closet revamp she does: passion, purpose, and personality.

With help from her team, Joy takes extra care to cater to her clients and make them feel like their best selves. The Joy of Styling is here to empower and uplift YOU!







At only 21, Joy Copeland had a plan. From modeling to merchandising, she’s had her hand and heart deep within the fashion world since the age of ten. She earned her Bachelor’s in History with a minor in African Studies from St. John’s University and gained experience working with fashion icons like Claire Sulmers and Angela Simmons and merchandising with major brands like Macy's, Target and Forever 21. Now 24 and working on her Masters she has grown TJOS past what she envisioned. Now a style and fashion guru, she wants each of her clients and supporters to feel confidently beautiful and know that fashion isn’t just what you wear, it’s a lifestyle. That is why she makes it her mission to bring fashion to the community through styling and fashion events!  


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